Nutrition plays a vital role in living a healthy lifestyle and achieving personal goals.

Refine Fitness will help you understand the role your diet plays in achieving and sustaining your goals. 

The successful eating plans are based on 3 core principles:

  1. Plenty of plant foods, fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nut and seeds
  2. Seasonal fresh foods rather than processed foods
  3. A healthy, active lifestyle, under pinned by exercise and taking time out to enjoy your food

Personalised diet plans

The plans include:

  • Personalised weekly diet plansHealthy eating Refine Fitness and Nutrition Plymouth
  • Nutrition advice 
  • Workout programs
  • Weekly weigh in and progress check 
  • Contact and support as and when required

Plans available: 

  • 4 weeks - £60
  • 8 weeks - £100
  • 12 weeks - £150

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Fi